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If you regularly create relevant blog posts about magic don’t read this article.

I’ve often struggled to write content (regularly) for my websites. (I’m responsible for content on five websites.) I’m a self-proclaimed website geek and magic enthusiast which makes for an interesting mix of subject matter to write about.

And to make it even more interesting, I battle with several syndromes (as I call them to make them sound official.) If any of these “syndromes” resonate with you, you might appreciate the fixes I’ve employed to get past them.

Shiny Box Syndrome (aka Squirrel Syndrome)

As a magic enthusiast, you can equate Shiny Box Syndrome with chasing after the latest and greatest magic effect as soon as you see it. In my “website” occupation, it means exploring the latest research on website SEO, Google algorithms, digital marketing, content creation, email best practices and more.

I dive deep into the research and technologies, in an effort to give my readers the most up to date advice that will help them succeed. As a result, nothing gets completed because I’m always chasing the next greatest thing. Some people would label it “lack of focus” but I prefer “Shiny Box Syndrome” because it puts a positive spin on why I struggle to complete a post.

My Fix:
I set a clearly defined goal. What will provide the most value to my audience? What do I need to communicate? When do I need to complete it by? Once I set a goal it gives me a shield to deflect on-coming new content ideas (which I tuck away in Evernote, my system of choice to store ideas.)

Perfectionist Syndrome

Sign that shows wisdom is better than perfectionismI’m unable to publish a post until I have read every article and turned over every stone in search of the most accurate data. But what I’ve learned is that I can’t read every article. The time I spend trying to perfect my post is time spent with minimal gains.

The Fix:
Trust in your knowledge and run with it. The beauty of an online post is that you can (and should) update it with new data or insights.

If you’ve been in the magic industry for a while, you have a mental warehouse filled to the brim with unique knowledge gained from your own personal experience. Create a post that brings in your unique experiences and opinions, because you’re the only one who can provide that perspective. If you struggle about where to begin, just start with a few sentences.

Imposter Syndrome

I was shocked to discover that most people have admitted to feeling imposter syndrome. What???  I thought I was the only one.

Imposter Syndrome affects many magicians


Imposter syndrome manifests itself in ugly ways.  You question your self-worth and the fear that someday soon you will be revealed as a fake; that you’re not who you say you are. Imposter Syndome erodes your confidence and makes you think you’re not good enough to perform magic or make it as a magic dealer.

If you’re feeling this you’re not alone. Countless magicians have experienced Imposter Syndome. Everybody from Jennifer Lopez to Tom Hanks has talked about feeling like an imposter.

The Fix:

You know your stuff.

I”m going to repeat that because you probably aren’t believing me.  You know your stuff! 

Focus your thoughts on what you know, not on what you don’t.  We all spend too much time thinking about our inadequacies and weaknesses. But if we just gave that much attention to our strengths and wins, our minds would never question our abilities.

I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts and articles about SEO, Marketing, Website Design, etc.  My constant drive to learn reminds me about how much I already know.  And how far I’ve come.

Much of what I read or listen to is information I already know.  This isn’t to say I know it all – I always learn valuable tips, but my imposter syndrome is eased when I realize that the resources I’m using to expand my knowledge are often just reinforcing what I already know.  That kicks Imposter Syndrome to the curb every time.

I also suggest you think about those doubting words  that enter your mind (not good enough, who are you kidding…) Ask yourself if you would say those words to your friend. Why would you talk worse to yourself than your friend?

Another tip is to look back at your victories and sources of kudos. Revisit those victories  and everything you have accomplished to get here. It’s not easy to make it as a magic dealer or magician so give yourself a big high-five for your achievements.

Why You Need to Write Fresh Content

Content is KING when it comes to SEO.  Without content, there isn’t anything for search engines to index or display in the search results.

Content is also how you inform your audience and sell products and services.

Fresh content leads to frequent indexing by Google. When you regularly add new, valuable content you have a better chance of Google ranking your site higher with each update.

The content you write builds authority and offers opportunities for other websites to link to your site.


Your Next Steps

Writer’s Block is a real thing.  I will be purchasing the magic candle promptly but in the meantime here’s what’s working for me.

Challenge yourself to create fresh content regularly.

If you haven’t read the One Thing, I strongly encourage you to do so.  While we’ve been told that a habit sticks after 21 days, scientific evidence points to 66 days.  I took the One-Thing Challenge which calls for you to perform your desired habit consistently for 66 days in a row.

It worked!

Start with a very small, achievable goal.  You’re aiming for success, not failure.  Set yourself up with a small habit that creates success.

My goal was to write a few sentences of blog content for 66 days straight. The rule is that if you miss two days in a row you have to start over.  I didn’t want to start over so I stuck to it in all its misery. I missed a few single days but never two days in a row.

Surprisingly, I got into it.  Somedays resembled trying to wring water from a rock, others resorted to me banging my head on my desk.  And a few days I had a flow.  The more I wrote the more often I got into the flow and the more I enjoyed it.

Go Forth and Create. Here are some ideas:

If you have magic experience, you can provide exceptional content for your target audience.  Nobody else has lived your experiences.  Think about the bizarre and uncommon situations you’ve encountered that didn’t have a textbook solution. That’s where the magic happens.

  • If you copy product descriptions for content you are competing against all of the other magic dealers that offer the same products.  This is a great opportunity to add unique content that turns into more conversions.
  • Write posts that are current, relevant and offer value to your audience.  As a magician, post answers to the type of questions you frequently get and mention how you’ve helped people just like the reader.  For instance, add a paragraph to your post that mentions  “I’ve helped businesses just like yours be the talk of the tradeshow…”
  • Create the Ultimate FAQ. Magic Dealers often get asked about the best trick for a specific occasion.  Think about all the questions beginner magicians ask.  Performers can create a rich online resource for “hiring a magician for a wedding” etc.
  • Look at topics trending in forums like the Magic Cafe.  Write a post to answer the questions being asked.

Set yourself apart with quality content. Quality content is a combination of relevant material, mixed with your unique perspective that benefits your customer. Focus on providing value to your audience and customers will follow.


A Quick Refresher on How to Write a Blog Post

Person creating blog post structure for post about magicIf you’re in the flow words will come naturally and pour out as fast as you can type.  But if you’re just formulating ideas then start with the content structure.

Let’s say you have a spectacular idea and know exactly what you want to say but aren’t in the flow.  First, start by outlining your post with headings and sub-headings the same way you learned to write in school.  Break it down into the main topic and important points, followed by ideas to communicate within each point.

Congratulations – you’ve just created the heading structure (h1’s, h2’s, etc.) that helps Google (search engines) and readers understand what your post is about.


Heading Level 1:  Introduction:  Why it’s important

point one

point two

Heading Level 2:  Step One:  Information

point one

point two

point three

Heading Level 2:  Step two:  Execution

point one

point two

I challenge you to give it a go.  Aim to add one new post a month on your website that provides value to your audience. Over time it will get easier and you’ll start to see an uptick in your business because you’re helping customers in a meaningful way.

Up for a bigger challenge?  Strive for at least one post per week. (I’m not there yet but I dream…)

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