Will my website have a unique look?


Your brand is unique and your website needs to reflect that.  Our work is never cookie-cutter.   From wireframe to mockup to design build-out, we work together to bring your vision to life.

Will you set up my online store for me?


We set up taxes, shipping, payment methods, transactional emails, newsletter subscribe forms and more.  Everything is turn-key and ready for you to open your online store for business.

Do I need a domain name?

Yes, you will need a domain name. 

We can help you find the perfect name and walk you through the registration steps. We want you to own your domain name so you retain complete control over your business.

Do I need to get my own SSL certificate?


We take care of it for you and include a standard SSL certificate, at no extra charge, to keep your website Google friendly and as secure as possible.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, of course.

We design with a mobile-first mentality, making sure that your website looks as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop.  The latest projections estimate that by 2021 over 53% of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via a mobile device.  That means that if your website is not mobile friendly you will be losing sales.  Google now indexes sites using a mobile-first strategy so if your website doesn’t render well on a mobile device, Google will lower the ranking.

Will my website be GDPR friendly?


GDPR stands for the General Data Privacy Regulation, an EU privacy regulation that went into effect in May 2018.  While the regulation covers websites and the gathering of personal data in the EU it also applies to any website that gathers personal data from an EU visitor. In addition, we are seeing similar regulations being introduced in the U.S. so the way websites collect and handle personal data is important.  Our GDPR solution creates the forms, policies, cookie acceptance and terms for your website and fully automates the removal of a visitor’s data, should they request to do so.  While most website providers just alert you to the requirements and what you need to do, we have automated as much as possible,

Do you host my website?

Yes, on our dedicated servers. 

These servers take care of the factors critical to your online success:

  • Support:  We take care of all of the performance and maintenance tasks involved in keeping your website running smoothly and securely.
  • Speed:  Google includes website speed as a ranking factor.  We have some of the fastest hardware available on our private servers and monitor performance 24/7.
  • Security:  We run routine security procedures every 5 minutes and regular security audits.  Security patches are installed in a timely manner and software updates are carefully installed after full backups are created.
  • Scalability:  Our servers always have at least 10 times the available capacity for any particular website to handle sudden traffic spikes and rapid growth.
Do you take care of software updates?

Yes.  Keeping your software up to date is extremely important. 

Out of date plugins can stop working or lead to security vulnerabilities.

In addition, sometimes software updates can cause issues.  Unlike most website maintenance services, we are able to restore the previous version of the software until a new working version is released.

Do you make use of a CDN?

Yes, to make your website faster and more stable.

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) distributes your website content around the world so it is closer to your visitors.  Closer = faster.  CloudFlare, our CDN, will store your content at over 180 data centers around the world.  On average, websites on the CloudFlare CDN load twice as fast and are much more secure from online threats.

What about backups of my website?

Your website is in safe hands with us.  We take 3 levels of backups every day!

  1. Local backups
  2. Backups at the same data center
  3. Offsite backups at a remote data center

Our Pro and Elite levels also include free website restoration, should you need it, and our Back-In-Time feature which allows us to restore your website to a version in the past calendar year.  Our Back-In-Time feature has been a life-saver, for instance, when a plugin causes issues that are not immediately detected.


Do you charge a transaction fee per order?

No. You worked hard for that money; you should keep it.

What additional costs do I have to pay?

We try to make our solution as easy and affordable as possible.  We take care of the website design, build, SSL certificate, SendGrid account, CDN, hosting, website maintenance, and backups so you don’t have to communicate with all the different providers needed to keep your website in top form. You will need to purchase your domain and provide content and images (depending on your subscription level).

How do I pay?

Your initial transaction will be processed when you sign up.  Next, we will set up automated billing so that your credit card is charged the first of every month.  This easy payment system allows you to focus on your business and not worry about when payments are due.  After the payment is processed a receipt will be emailed to you.

Can I upgrade to a higher level?

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher level subscription at any time.

When do the payments begin?

After you have signed up, your subcription payments start the following month.  Unlike some website providers, we do not charge upfront fees for customized design, extra set-up or consultation.  Instead, we charge you a consistent monthly fee. This allows you to grow your business with minimum extra expenses.


Store Management

How is shipping calculated during checkout?

Your online store will include your choice of table rates or flat rate shipping options that can be configured by shipping zone.  We have found this to be a popular and reliable solution that customers understand.

3rd party dynamic shipping integrations (to calculate shipping based on product weight and dimensions) are available at the Elite and Pro levels.

Can customers track their shipping?

Shipment tracking is included with the Elite and Pro levels. 

You can send the customer shipment tracking information as part of the confirmation email.  If the customer has an account on your website they will also be able to view order history and tracking information for all of their orders.

How do customers pay for products or services?

Your customers will be able to pay via check, C.O.D., credit card (through PayPal) or PayPal account.   

In our experience, PayPal is a very popular solution for magic dealers because customers can keep their purchases private.  PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro are options at all subscription levels, though you will have to pay PayPal a monthly fee for the Pro version. 

In addition, we offer integration with major payment gateways at our Elite and Pro levels.

What promotion tools are available?

Customer acquisition is expensive but necessary.  We understand you need to be able to attract new customers and find ways to turn them in to repeat customers and loyal enthusiasts.  Pro and Elite level subscriptions include gift cards, discounts, coupons and store credits.  We also offer a menu of optional plugins to enhance your marketing.   As a PMN member, you will receive marketing tips and hacks, best practices and guides to help you achieve your goals.

Can I connect a subscribe form to my newsletter service?


We can provide a GDPR friendly subscribe integration for most of the major email providers.  

Design and Branding

Will my website have a unique look?


Your brand is unique and your website needs to reflect that.  Our work is never cookie-cutter.   From wireframe to mockup to design build-out, we work together to bring your vision to life.

How much do you charge for the website design?

ZERO.  Our standard design package includes up to 7 hours of design time and is included in your website subscription.  The majority of our clients have been more than happy with the standard design package.  However, if you want to take your website design to even higher levels, we will price out additional design work on a case by case basis.

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 I appreciate all of the tips you gave which we incorporated into the new site. Also some of the expense saving ideas you encouraged including web mail and the newsletter. I could not be happier!


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